In March 1991 the Grand Master Masons sent a written message to all Members of the Society to say that, with the increase in membership in recent years, it was evident that the time was approaching when a proper Headquarters would be required. It was with such considerations in mind that the Grand Master Masons resolved to set up the Footing Corner Stone Fund. The objective was by this, and other means, to raise and put aside funds for procurement of a Headquarters building for the Society.

From the outset a number of levels of Qualification were introduced for Individuals, for Assemblages and for Regions, and Footing Corner Stone Jewels in Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold representing each Qualification were introduced, with a special Gold Bar Jewel for those who reach the Qualification of Grand Patron. However, the wearing of a Jewel is not obligatory and it should never be assumed that not wearing a Jewel means non-participation in the Fund.

Where a contributor continues subscribing to the Fund he will automatically proceed to higher Grades, based solely on the total of contributions made, related to the current qualification for each Grade as he progresses. Thus a contributor may advance to the highest Grade over a period of time.

The Jewel of the Fund bears the outline of a small Footing Corner Stone, and is designed to be attached to the cord or collarette worn at all Meetings of the Society. It is in Iron (black) for Donors, Bronze for Subscribers, Silver for Benefactors and Gilt for Patrons, with a Gilt Bar additional for Grand Patrons. All these jewels are issued free of charge. A lapel badge in bronze is also issued at the time of first achieving one of the Grades.

Donations are to be made through an Assemblage F.C.S.F. Representative, either in cash or by cheque. [The name of the Representative for each Assemblage should be shown on every Summons for the Assemblage concerned.] He will then pass this on to the Officer of Grand Assemblage responsible for administering the Fund. Cheques should NOT be made out simply to 'F.C.S.F.', but should show the full title, i.e., 'Footing Corner Stone Fund.'


Name   Date

Ronald Allen Sharp   29-09-2000
William Jacob Giles, Jr.   16-06-2004
Arlis Carl Weber   10-11-2010


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